We bring security to your systems


Services & Capabilities

Cyber Security / Information Assurance

  FISMA, NIST 800 Series

  DHS 4300 Series


Certification & Accreditation

  Document/Artifact Prep and Quality


  Security Test & Evaluation

  Penetration Testing

  Vulnerability Scanning & Management

  Security & Risk Assessments

  HSPD-12, Section 508

Computer Network Defense
  Network & User Monitoring
  Traffic & Activity Analysis
  Incident Response
Security Investigations
  Computer Forensics

Policy & Procedure Development & Documentation

  Rules of Behavior & Acceptable Use Policy

  Wired & Wireless Network Configurations

  Server & Workstation Hardening Procedures

  Incident Response & Handling Procedures

  Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations


Quality Assurance

  Asset Inventory Management
  Version Control & Configuration Management

  Technical Writing & Editing / Proofreading

Program & Project Management

  Action & Task Scheduling

  Resource Allocation

  Finance & Budget Tracking